Real Estate Transactions

Kelley Roark PA has been managing and facilitating commercial and residential real estate transactions in South Florida for over 20 years. For commercial transactions, we will help your company deliver all lender requirements (such as surveys and Phase I environmental studies) and will monitor the loan process closely until the closing is concluded. We will assist in resolving any code violations, insurance, or encroachment or other title issues, and will create any entities or entity documents needed to conclude the transaction. We also can initiate and represent individuals in probate proceedings as needed to facilitate real estate sales.

For parties to residential transactions, we will work closely with buyers, sellers, realtors and processors to make sure that documents are delivered to lenders timely, and that all documents comply with the new TRID regulations. You will see that our highly automated closing process, using a login portal system to upload, download, and view documents and monitor the closing process right from your phone or laptop, will save you hours, and will also resolve questions more quickly. Our investor clients particularly like this automated feature.

Please see The Closing Process for a detailed description of all that is involved in a residential closing, and for an outline of the responsibilities of your title company and the lender in the transaction. We also have provided sample documents, links, and calculators under the Real Estate Closings Menu this website.

To initiate on order, click on the Place an Order link, and complete the form. We will then send you an email with a login and password, which you will then use for all subsequent transactions. Login on this website to view your transaction, upload, or download files, and check the status of the closing.

For a copy of our ALTA-compliant Best Practices Manual, click HERE.